Flowers, Brides, and Growers

Flowers, Brides, and Growers

The world of flowers is beautiful. That's the part we all can agree on, but what about the rest of the story? How much do they cost? Who do you go to when you want to buy them? Where do flowers come from? What's growing when I'm getting married? These are just a few of the questions about flowers when you're planning a wedding. One of my main goals from the beginning has been to make it easier for everyone to get incredible flowers and answer all of those questions as well.

First, what should flowers cost? Well, here's where it gets complicated.  Most floral designers are sourcing their flowers from a rewholesaler. Most rewholesalers source those flowers from South America. So we already have two businesses that have charged a mark-up before even getting those flowers to a designer. This is one of the key reasons to source flowers from us. The most magical flowers you can use for a spring wedding are some of the earth-tone Irises we grow. Yes, I said earth-tone iris, but the price of those would be outrageously high sourced from a wholesaler. That's one of the keys working directly with Natchez Glen. Most flowers only cost $2-$4 per stem. 

Where flowers come from is a different question than where they should come from. In 2019 in the United States, over 80% of the flowers sold were grown in South America. That has its own complicated story, but maybe even more important is the flowers that are grown there are not grown only for being beautiful. Those flowers are also grown for being durable. That way they can be shipped thousands of miles to their destination. The flowers we grow are grown exclusively for beauty not being flown across the world.

Seasonality is one of the most important words in flowers. Think of it just like food. Can you get a tomato in the middle of January? Yes, but will it be as delicious as a summer grown tomato? The answer of course is no. Flowers are exactly the same. You and I both want you to have the most magical flowers possible for your wedding. The best way to make that happen is to go with the colors of the season and not against them, and what you discover is that makes the most beautiful florals for your wedding. I've even added a very simple guide calendar to help.

No matter where you are in the country, I encourage you to reach out and ask me how we can get you the best flowers for your day. You are beautifully unique and so should the flowers be for your wedding. I've been the leading voice in the United States promoting brides going to unique local growers to source their flowers for their wedding if they have a designer of if they are doing their own floral design. 

April - Tulips, Daffodils, Iris

May - Peonies, Roses, Iris

June - Roses, Dahlia, Hydrangea

July - Roses, Dahlia, Astilbe

August - Roses, Dahlias

September - Roses, Dahlias

October - Dahlia, Roses, Chrysanthemums

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