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What Flowers Go to You?

Who decides what flowers get used in floral design. Who decides what those flowers cost. This is the "Chicken and Egg" argument of the floral world.

In the case of the iris, all three of the irises pictured here are extremely rare as plants. They bloom for just a few short weeks each year and each as a plant may only produce three to five flowers per plant. Yet clearly all three of these are incredible beautiful flowers and should be used in some magical person's floral bouquet. As a grower, I should easily be charging $4 per stem for these gorgeous Iris flowers.

Here's where it gets interesting. If that flower is sold to a floral designer, they may use a very typical three to four times mark-up on their flowers. So now one of these Irises would be $12-$16 per stem to you as their customer. Well, now we might have a problem. A simple half dozen of these Irises would cost you potentially $96 from a designer or florists, as opposed to me selling a half dozen for only $24. 

That is exactly why not all the most gorgeous flowers have been used in floral design. I've been working towards changing that for all of us. It's the main reason I've always focused on getting incredible flowers directly to you. That way you can see these Irises for yourself in your home or even for your wedding. 

The Natchez Glen local flower delivery will feature these type of flowers each week in the delivery you get to your door. This way we all get to see the best flowers have to offer and not just the flowers that are available in mass quantities. Moving forward this allows me to grow the most beautiful flowers from around the world.