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The story of gardening can't be told with as roses, and the story of roses can't be told with out charm and magic. There isn't a better person in the world to discuss the charm and magic of roses than Michael Marriott of David Austin Roses. Michael is the Senior Rosarian with David Austin roses and one of my favorite people to talk to about roses and for anything gardening. He has the well earned international view of gardening through his travels to gardens across the world. In this story we try to capture and define the magic of gardening and the world of David Austin Roses.  

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This week's story is one of both a company and a person. David Austin Roses is know today as the premier grower of roses in the world but the story starts with a man's passion and perseverance over a 70-year career. I'm joined by Rebecca Reed from David Austin Roses to talk about the man who started his rose journey at twenty one years old and how he continued it all the way till ninety two.

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This week's story is about the grower and your garden. From the small grower who has a passion for a unique group of plants and how that plant can make your garden magic all year. Not forgetting that to be one of those growers not only takes passion but perseverance. Also I wanted to talk about the passing of David Austin Sr. the founder of course of David Austin Roses. Many of you may know the name but I'd like you to learn more of the story behind the rose. This podcast is a story about the full circle of gardening from the grower to you. 

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