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When I started growing plants I didn't know what plants would do well and I didn't even truly know what plants I liked. I treasured that not knowing, and still do. I turned it from not knowing to wondering. Wondering what else I could grow, wondering what would look good here or there in the garden, and most of all wondering what comes next in the garden. 

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One of the differences here is looking at a garden as a collection of plants rather than as individuals. As bold and beautiful as flowers like Dahlias and Peonies are in a garden by themselves, they will never truly sing. Surrounded by other talented musicians, they are lifted to new heights that they would not have reached on their own. 

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Roses are not difficult at all. They are as Michael said "tough as old boots". What does happen is we generalize roses as if they are all the same. There are over 350 species of roses and tens of thousands of cultivated varieties. Many of those roses need different climates or soils to do their best. If you give them close to what they want they thrive and reward you with blooms.

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