Curated Garden for Light Shade

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This collection is a fantastic combination of flowers and texture for light shade gardens. First, let's define light shade gardens. They are gardens that receive a kiss of morning sun, high overstory trees, or dappled light. All of these plants would do fine in a deep shade area but would not flower as much. 

Heucherella 'Redstone Falls' - I love any Heucherella, and I must have any with this color and a trailing habit. 'Redstone Falls' was introduced by Terra Nova Nurseries in Oregon and is also endorsed by my friend, Dr. Allan Armitage. Those two facts make it a must have. 

Geranium pratense 'Cloud Nine' - When I posted a photo of this flowering geranium on Instagram, so many people asked "what is that?"  Geranium have been lost in the shuffle of delicate flowering plants. 'Cloud Nine' presents a more vivid and robust flower to stand out in a garden. It's one of the only double-petaled geranium in the world, and its color tone is just beautiful. If you dead head the flowers in late spring, early summer, an established plant will produce a smaller early fall flower flush.

Anemone 'Elfin Swan' - If you have a light shade garden and you're not growing Anemone, you have to start. This is the smallest of all the Swan series of Anemone from MacGregors Nursery in Scotland. I love a small dainty plant that produces flowers, and 'Elfin Swan' excels at both. This paired with 'Cloud Nine' is a gorgeous combination.

Anemone 'Whirlwind' - This is the strongest of all the woodland Anemone on the market. It has incredibly strong thick stems with a magical pure white double flower. 'Whirlwind' shows a lot of its parentage Anemone tomentosa, grape leaf anemone, with its large bold leaves. This planted behind 'Elfin Swan' and 'Cloud Nine' is perfect. 'Whirlwind' will bloom after 'Elfin Swan' and will continue all the way till a frost event. At maturity, the flowers will be 2-3" wide held on flowers stems 3-4' feet tall.