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Featuring five varieties and 25 total plants. Shipping begins mid-March 2021.

Lilium are one of the most spectacular flowers in any garden. Not the small potted varieties we see stuck in big box stores in spring, but towering lilies that can grow, in time, over five-feet tall. 

I assembled this collection with the dream of these lilies being planted in groups throughout your garden. BTW, this lily collection would fit perfectly in the Curated Cottage Garden Collection. Most of the varieties in this collection are Lilium regale cultivated varieties. These lilies with the common names “regal” or “royal lilies” are true garden lillies.

That’s one of the places lilies began to lose their way. So many times when we see Lilium, they are grown in pots or sold as cut flowers. Lilium regale can grow to be three to six feet tall and survive as perennial plants in gardens.

The keys to well-grown lilies is not placing them in wet, heavy soils. If there is danger of spring frost, mulch the new growth emerging from the ground to protect them and finally stake the plants as they grow large.

Fragrance should also be where the conversation about these lilies begins and ends. Adding these 25 plants to your garden, it will give you a period each year in late spring where the air is filled with the incredible perfume of lilies. 

Lilium regale

Lilium regale ‘African Queen’ 

Lilium regale ‘Pink Perfection’

Lilium lancifolium ‘Pink Giant’

Lilium lancifolium ‘Red Velvet’

Possible substitutions 

Lilium regale ‘Album’

Substitutions may occur but will be equally incredible plants of the hugest quality. Substitutions are only made when the original plants/bulbs/tubers/roots don’t meet my quality standards.