Kara's Favorites

One of my favorite things about building Natchez Glen has been the people I get to meet and work with. Kara of Blooming Joy Flower Co. is one of my favorite people I've met over the last few years. She brings such a joy and passion to her gardens and authentically shares everything she does. I asked Kara if she wanted to select some of her favorites plants that she loves so we could share them here for people to add to theirs. 
The collection of plants I have chosen from Natchez Glen really embrace seasonality in the garden. It is truly a four season collection of flowers that can be both enjoyed in the garden and used as cut flowers. Looking at the collection, you travel through time as you start with Helleborus that begin to bloom in the winter. They are a sight to see with stunning evergreen foliage and blooms when the rest of the garden is asleep for winter. Not far behind them, the Narcissus emerge and capture the start of Spring with their cheerful blooms. Having thousands of Narcissus in my gardens, I have come to admire a few really great ones either for their color tones, high petal count, strong stems, fragrance or all of the above. Fire Drill, Sunny Girlfriend, Peach Cobbler, Apricot Whirl and Bridal Crown are Narcissus I have in my garden that I most look forward to blooming each Spring. Moving into the height of Spring, Paeonia is the Queen everyone loves. Whether you admire her showy bloom on the plant or in a vase, she will take your breath away with her magnificence. 
As we move into early summer, Nepeta, Penstemon, Salvia, and Achillea are absolute must haves in my garden. I am lover of Cottage Gardens and these plants really help achieve that look and make the garden magical. An added bonus is they are great cut flowers. At this time of year, the helleborus are going dormant and I love to plant Astilbe with them as it blooms in the summer. It adds nice interest to the shade garden as the helleborus sleeps. 
Fading into fall, the queen of the season are the Dahlias. Large, showy flowers, that seem to be everyone favorite. If you have a shady spot, you must add woodland Anemones. The flowers remind me of something you would see in a Secret Garden. Fairy tale like and are stunningly beautiful. Her long stems dance in the wind. 
The collection of flowers Natchez Glen offers is genuinely a unique mixture of flowers for each season. Often times, these plants are not available just anywhere. You are truly adding something unique to your gardens when you chose to add plants from Natchez Glen. I am honored Steve would ask me to work with him on this collaboration. The plants you will receive from Natchez Glen are absolutely top quality, finely selected and will add lasting character to your garden. I hope you will find all these plants as magical in your gardens as I do in mine. 
Kara's Favorites