Monarch Butterfly Merch

Are ya'll serious about helping the Monarchs? Like really? Like really, really ?

Then let's go. I selected these plants specifically to help out these beautiful butterflies. The story being shared a lot is the Monarchs need milkweed. That is such a small part of the story. 

When I selected the plants, I wanted us to be able to support the caterpillar, easier Asclepias (aka Milkweed), but the most important stage the butterfly. Having plants that make the monarchs happy means having food when they show up late season. To have that kind of late season flower power, I leaned into the plants that have grown up together flowering in North America. 

Several types of Asclepias, but also my girl 'Jeana', and several other tall flowering perennials. This Merch box will have everything you need in a garden to support the butterfly through all of its life cycle. From hungry, hungry caterpillar to Monarch butterfly trying to get back to Central America.