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It's time to start loving gardening. Not looking at gardening as things like "boxwoods" or work, but magical flowers like roses and making it a soul-enriching experience. 

If people have told you roses are difficult to grow or that gardening is "low maintenance," they are both wrong. Gardening is far more rewarding than work, and roses can be grown beautifully with only slight finesse. 

Each month Natchez Glen Gardening school will cover  subjects in a technical way that translate to you in a practical way for your garden and your area of the world. The most important thing is we will motivate your psychology of gardening and plants to be successful. Gardening is about being in a mental place where you create beauty from where there was nothing. 

There will be two classes a month from October to April. Each month, we will be joined by a world-class expert in their field of plants. You'll have the opportunity to interact with them and asked them questions. The second class each month, we will take what we've learned and understand how to apply it in a practical way to your garden. Each class will be two hours and then will be available as a video and also as an audio podcast. Speaking of podcast, each month there will also be an exclusive podcast that will explore our monthly subject even deeper. 

This April, we won't call what you have a "yard" or a "landscape." We will call it your garden. 

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