New Curated Gardens

I've contemplated creating these collections for quite some time. Every week gardeners across the country ask me where to buy some of the plants I grow here at Natchez Glen. Sadly, I'm all too familiar with the frustrations of trying to find outstanding plants in your local area. I also wanted to create a program where I can use my knowledge and relationships to share plants with you that I know can be outstanding. Most importantly, I want to build a community of people who really understand plants and gardening.

Often I apologize that the world of gardening hasn't done a good job educating. Many times it is ust giving you ridiculous list of things like "top five favorite perennials." Gardening is about understanding and enjoying plants in a more ecological and comprehensive way. These collections will push you further to growing those understandings.

These Collections are also very limited. Each month there may be as little as 8-10 available. That is because these will many times be plants that are rare in supply across the country. Plants are only available as a part of a collection not individually.

Collections will be processed and shipped on Tuesdays to your home. Collections are only available in the month they are offered. Many months there will also be a bonus plant added as well. The price listed also includes shipping via FedEx 2nd day air service. Plants are guaranteed to arrive in good condition.  After that is where you the gardener makes the difference. If you have any questions regarding your plants,  the best way to ask is via Instagram @natchezglenhouse