July "Plant" Sale

- A Plant Merch Collab -

Gardens inspire me, plants inspire me, and music inspires me. The music my friends Heidi and Dillon (aka firekid) make inspires me. When they began building their garden, Merry Hill, I knew I'd love to help make that garden grow. We want your gardens to grow with us. 

You can buy any of the plant merch below that will fit in where you are at with gardening in a creative way right now. If you are new or don't have a lot of space, I'd get a small (10 plants). If you've been in to gardening for a minute or have more space, I'd suggest a medium (15 plants). If you're living the baller garden creative OG life then I may suggest the large (20 plants). 

Your support in buying any of the below is helping our gardens grow along with yours.


Steve, Heidi, and Dillon .