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As the seasons change so will the florals offered from Natchez Glen. The season begins with flowering shrub branches, lilacs, decorative branches, contorted filbert, and then tulips. The full season really explodes in late April as the English garden roses start blooming and right behind that are the dahlias. Each day from mid June till frost, we cut nearly 1000 stems of roses and dahlias daily. Supplies of any one variety are rarely limited but do sell out quickly. 

This year we are also offering a progressive discount program to encourage you to buy more local. The more you spend the more you save over the course of the growing season. 

$0-200 = Standard Pricing

$200-400 = 5% off standard pricing

$400-600 = 10% off standard pricing

$600-800 = 15% off standard pricing

$800-1000+ = 20% off standard pricing

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