Wholesale Availability

When the world of flowers meets the world of art and design, that's when magic happens. Working with boutique local flowers means having to be intentional. So thank you for considering using our flowers in your design. Mass market flowers that come from South America are clearly very different in origin, price, and convenience.


Talking to your clients about "local flowers" is sharing with them the uniqueness of the flowers grown here at Natchez Glen. Many clients might assume a "local" flower will be cheaper than an "imported" flower, but that is not the case for so many reasons. Education is key to share the stories of the unique flowers we grow here. That story engages and shows your commitment as a designer to sourcing the best flowers for your clients' event. 

So many designers put very little time into sourcing and leave that up to their local wholesale representative. While doing that might be an easy habit to start, it also allows any other designer to do the exact same thing and simply be willing to charge less money for the same flowers and services. If you take the time to embrace unique locally grown flowers, that story and effort can't be undersold. While the other designer is relying upon the same South American grown flowers clients see at mass market groceries stores, you are showing them incredible flowers the client didn't even know existed.

I've committed myself to being a source for both consumers and designers to have honest educational conversations about how designers and growers can work together. If you have potential clients and would like to join them to visit here, I would be thrilled to have you both here as my guest. To access our wholesale availability and weekly updates please email me directly