Flower Farming

Flower farming, a social media narrative that has been overinfluenced by businesses selling superficial workshops. 🌱 There is so much magic in the natural world to discover through plants and gardening. It’s miraculous. The course changes when you decide to go from gardener to “flower farmer”. The magic of flowers can clash with the realities of bills to pay and tireless effort and enthusiasm needed to stay in “business”. So many people have reached out to me who are either new to flower farming or have thought about doing it as a business that I wanted to be of value to those people. I hate the narrative that has been created where people are being charged thousands of dollars for workshops, which in my opinion are shallow and inadequate. However, it’s important that more people start growing local flowers but enter into it with a realistic path to success. Starting this Wednesday and Sunday starting March 13th at 8pm CST, I’m going to be hosting Instagram Lives where I cover a very specific element of running a flower-based business. After each topic, I’ll take any questions you might have. The world needs more magic of flowers but you don’t need to waste thousands of dollars to make it happen.

March 13th 8pm CST - The Business of Business 

March 17th 8pm CST - The Art of Sales