Achillea 'Sassy Summer Taffy'

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Achillea 'Sassy Summer Taffy' x 3 bare roots

Achilea'Sassy Summer Taffy' - The name is fun, and the plant is better. I've grown a lot of Achilea over the years, and some I find to be messy and weak late in the year. Many of the varieties grown from seed have small flowers and tend to be foliage heavy and flower light. 'Sassy Summer Taffy' is the Goldilocks of Achilea, just right. It has extremely strong stems and with light cutting continues to bloom from late spring through summer. In fact, as I write this, it's the end of August and still in bloom. The key is to hard cut the flowers as much as possible to trigger new growth. The flower color starts as a strong coral tone and then fades to a soft pink taupe color range. I don't curate every collection for them to be planted near each other, but in the case of this collection, I would strongly encourage just that.   

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens