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There is not a plant that seems to capture gardeners more than peonies. Sorry other plants. When I was considering putting together a collection of peonies, it was important to show their color range and bloom time. If you are going to grow peonies, it's best to have varieties that bloom at different times making the season last as long as possible. 

The other crucial factor was sourcing them as large of root starts as possible, All of the plants in this collection are 3-5 eye root divisions. Many places sell 2-3 eyes. In the case of peonies, bigger/older root divisions are better. Now after saying that, peonies are not at their best until two to three years after planting. They get better with age, and that is one of the many reasons why they are so captivating. 

Paeonia 'Bartzella' - This is such an important peony. The work of peony breeding is as slow as any plant there is, and we need to honor the people who commit their lives to it. One of the true legends of peony breeding is Roger Anderson. One of his real breakthrough plants is Bartzella, a successful cross of a tree and herbaceous peony. His 45-plus years of breeding created one of the most striking buttery yellow peonies of all time. It carries its huge flowers on strong tree peony-like stems every year, but in winter fades back to the ground like its herbaceous peony parent. 

Paeonia 'Pecher' - In a flower world that is obsessed with blush, I don't see 'Pecher' mentioned as much as it should be. It has incredible soft color tones and has a lighter form than many other peonies. It blooms early season and has a mild sweet fragrance. I've grown 'Pecher' here for years, and it has always performed well even as a young plant.

Paeonia 'Eden's Perfume' - One of the main reasons I still love peonies is their fragrance. When grower friends tell me there's peony that has incredible fragrance, I immediately want to have it in the garden. That is exactly what I did with 'Eden's Perfume'. It has an intoxicating fragrance and has a form much more subtle than the more commonly seen 'Sarah Bernhardt'. I've also found it to have stronger stems in rain than many other pink peonies. It typically will bloom slightly after 'Pecher' in average weather years. 

Paeonia 'Gardenia' - May Have To Be Substituted - As a kid, I grew up in Florida. One of the few experiences I had with plants was a gardenia. I remember the substance of of the flower and even more the fragrance. I saw Paeonia 'Gardenia' in a garden in Wisconsin, and it was a stunning reminder of those childhood gardenias. Even better, it could be grown here and in even colder climates. This is a near perfect white peony in my opinion and blooms mid-season. 

Paeonia 'Jacorma' - When so many other peonies are done, 'Jacorma' is just starting to hit its peak bloom. A true late season bloomer. This is a last jewel in this peony collection so you can brag to your friends your peonies are still blooming when theirs are done. A beautiful classic peony pink color tone with a great stem strength for cut flowers as well. If you are into that kind of thing.