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Putting together a curated dahlia garden when you've grown over 6000 plants and over 200 varieties for the last few years is a bit of a challenge. In the previous years there has been a rush to get a lot of new varieties on the market. Mostly to simply sell the alleged latest or greatest variety. I can tell you from vast experience that dahlias are incredible flowers and plants, but many of the varieties on the market on not great ones. 

So when I decided to offer this collection, my main goal was to select dahlias that are great performing plants as well as gorgeous flowers. I also wanted to strike a balance of dahlias that are outstanding in gardens as well as for cut flowers. Another important choice was how many plants will make a great dahlia garden.

In gardens, dahlias are this near miraculous flower that late in the season performs its best when so many other plants have faded. They also work well in the case of the "dinnerplate" sized flowers as exclamation points in garden beds. Where the more decorative ball shapes do well planted as groups of three for maximum impact. To get the best of both worlds, I decided that 18 total plants (tubers) would be best.

I also have to take a moment to talk about tubers. If you have spent any time listening to me speak about dahlia tubers, you know one of my biggest complaints is people talking about single finger tubers being equal or better than clump tubers. That is simply not true. I always have sourced clump tubers for here at Natchez Glen whenever possible. That's why this collection is made up completely of clump tubers.

If for any reason when I receive or harvest dahlias to be shipped in this collection if I feel the clump tubers are not of a super high quality, I will make sure they are substituted for another variety of dahlia. Tuber quality is the most important part of growing dahlias, and that's my biggest goal with this collection. 

Varieties Will Be

Jowey Winnie (3 tubers)

Jowie Frambo (3tubers)

Jowey Linda (3 tubers)

Jowey Marilyn (3 tubers)

Salmon Runner (1 tuber)

Breakout (1 tuber)

Strawberry Ice (1 tuber)

Red Labyrinth (1 tuber)

Belle of Barmera (1 tuber)

Hercules (1 tuber)

- Possible substitutions depending on tuber quality of the above -



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