Heuchera villosa 'Autumn Bride'

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Heuchera villosa 'Autumn Bride' x 3 medium plugs

I consider Heuchera a plant that we need to take a step back on to better understand them in gardens. Over the last 30-years there have been hundreds of cultivated varieties made available. Unfortunately that hasn't been a good thing. Many of the varieties that had incredible colors and tones didn't perform well in gardens. So if you've tried some of those it's time to try again with better varieties. 

A Heuchera for cut flowers ? 'Autumn Bride' is a different form of heuchera many believing it might even be in the Heuchera macrorrhiza family. It has nearly the largest leaf of any Heuchera providing incredible substance and form. 'Autumn Bride score a 4.0 in the Mt. Cuba Center Trial

The reason I love 'Autumn Bride' is the flowers. The flowers bloom from July until October and are the tallest of any Heuchera I've ever seen. The stems are 18-30" tall and have a beautiful ethereal nature. The way to keep this variety looking its best is to cut the flowers and use them in a vase, best place to get one