July Curated Garden Collection

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This collection focuses on two really important elements. The first is just fantastic flower diversity. All four of these plants just shine with a uniqueness of flowers. The second element is the diversity in size and flowers within the Nepeta family. 

Echinacea 'Double Scoop Cranberry' - The pictures of this flower are great but they still don't do this Echinacea justice. Echinacea have been popular for decades in gardens. A reliable summer perennial. In the last two decades the breeding has taken Echinacea in some exciting directions. There are some that I haven't liked. Some I didn't like the color and other just didn't perform well but 'Double Scoop Cranberry' I love. The color is great, the plant stays compact, and grows well. Full sun and not overly picky on soil.  

Hemerocallis 'Totally Tangerine' - Daylily are over it. They are tired of being talked about like they are boring or uninteresting. They are fed up. 

They're right. They are one of so many plants that need to be appreciated for the incredible amount of diversity and beauty they have to offer. Plus, I can't think of a better plant for summer flowers that tolerates a wide range of soils. 

Totally Tangerine does two things I love. It has "pie edge" margins on the flowers. Love. It has exaggerated tipped petals on every other petal. Love more.

Nepeta 'Blue Prelude' - This is a fantastic Nepeta from Dan Heims and the team at Terra Nova Nursery. By the way my cat could care a less about "Cat Mint" so yet another dumb common name. 

'Blue Prelude' is a large sized Nepeta but what makes it unique is both the larger flowers and their color range. In the past larger sized Nepeta still had smaller flowers and didn't have heavy flower amounts. 'Blue Prelude' does both large flowers that stand out and lots of them. I couldn't think of a better middle of the border plant. 

Nepeta 'Kitten Around' - This is the other side of the beautiful Nepata story. 'Kitten Around' is small delicate Nepeta for the front of the border. Small flowers are complimented by the most delicate leaves. I love working with this plant. Anywhere in the garden where you need a soft color and texture it simply works.