Natchez Glen Gardening School Full Program Online

Natchez Glen Gardening School Full Program Online

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From October to April, you'll be able to learn all of the technical, practical and magic needed to create the garden of your dreams. It doesn't matter if you're gardening on a patio or on ten acres, the knowledge you will gain will transform your space to magical. If you're new to gardening or have been gardening for years, we will explore the topics and talk with experts that will make gardening rewarding. 

In October, we start with the flower. The flower is where it all begins for a garden or ends depending on your perspective. We will learn what flowers are and how we grow them in a way that works both practically and inspirationally. What kind of flowers you asked? All the flowers.

November takes us to where plants thrive and people walk all over, the soil. The subject that is more misunderstood than any in gardening. The subject that holds back more people from experiencing incredible gardens than it should. We will learn how to apply practical techniques that will provide extraordinary results.

December is a journey into the mind of a gardener, a grower, and an artist. Are all three the same thing? Are you one of the three or all of those three? We will explore the traits and approaches of some of the most successful gardeners in history and learn what traits we can take from them to strive towards their success.

January is not cold. It's the beginning of spring. It's the month we plan our garden and walk through the practical steps of how we going to make our space a garden. Step-by-step you learn the process of how to plan a garden that doesn't just look good for three weeks and then is done for the year. We will create a space that looks beautiful for the entire year. 

February is about the selecting the plants that we love. We will cover some of the major garden plant groups of the world. Not limiting ourselves to plants of function and availability but plants that create beauty in their space and fill us with joy. Learning exactly what plants those are, where to get them, and what they like for your specific space.

March is truly the beginning. The ground starts to slightly warm and birds start to venture out, but what about the other side? The problems, the challenges, the pest, disease, and conditions that might stopped you from having your magical garden come true? We will create your plan for how to deal with all of those problems before they actually exists. The best way to prevent a problem is to stop it before it starts.

April is a month like no other. The month where thoughts and visions can become real. The month where the picture of an incredible flower is no longer a picture but is blooming right in front of you. April is where flowers begin to live. We will review what practical tools you need for the year and how to source them. We'll also put our shovel in the soil for the first time this year and learn what to do next. Plus, if you've signed up for the entire program, you'll receive and extra surprise.  

After signing up for the Natchez Glen Gardening School, you will receive your link and invite to join the group in an email. After joining, you will receive permission to join and then we get to gardening. All of the content will be accessible for you at any time on the group page.