A Five Year Practical Peony Growing Guide

A Five Year Practical Peony Growing Guide

Year 1: Initial Setup and Planting

• Garden Design and Preparation: Choose the garden’s shape in a full-sun area. Clear weeds and old plants. Estimated effort: a few hours.
• Soil Enrichment: Get free wood chips and leaf litter from local tree services. Spread over the garden bed.
• Peony Planting: Buy and plant the first Peony Box for $240, including 8 peony varieties.

Year 2: Expansion and Maintenance

• Weeding and Care: Regular weeding and garden care. No additional cost.
• Second Peony Planting: Purchase another Peony Box for $240 and plant the 8 new peonies.

Year 3: First Blooms and Growth

• Enjoying Blooms: First set of peonies bloom.
• Third Planting: Add a third Peony Box for $240.

Year 4: Full Bloom Phase

• Garden in Full Bloom: Enjoy the expanding display of peonies.
• Fourth Planting: Invest in another Peony Box for $240.

Year 5: Mature Garden

• Lush Peony Display: Garden now filled with diverse peony blooms.
• Continued Care: Maintain the garden. Optional: expand with another Peony Box for $240.

Total Cost Over 5 Years: $1,200 (excluding minor costs for tools and maintenance)
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