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Natchez Glen House

Peony Cutting Garden '24

Peony Cutting Garden '24

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Ships Late October 2024 (Limited Supply)

I'm thrilled to introduce our exclusive 2024 Peony Collection. This year, we've curated a selection of exquisite peonies, each with its own unique charm and beauty. Here's a glimpse into our collection:

**1. Peony 'Alertie'**: A true garden gem, 'Alertie' boasts soft pink flowers that elegantly fade to white, with a hint of pink blushing. Its double-flowered, rose-like form makes it a romantic addition to any setting.

**2. Peony 'Alexander Fleming'**: Celebrating the spirit of innovation, this peony features lush, deep rose-pink double flowers. Named after the great scientist, it brings both fragrance and beauty to your garden.

**3. Peony 'Angel Cheeks'**: As delicate as its name suggests, 'Angel Cheeks' is a vision of soft, pale pink with cream undertones. The ruffled petals and gentle fragrance make it a heavenly choice.

**4. Peony 'Duchesse de Nemours'**: Exuding elegance, this variety offers creamy white petals that form lush, full blooms. It's a timeless classic that adds sophistication to any garden.

**5. Peony 'Jacorma'**: This late bloomer from the Netherlands dazzles with big, bubblegum-pink filled flowers. It's a standout performer that brings a bold splash of color.

**6. Peony 'Lady Alexandra Duff'**: Named after nobility, this peony graces us with large, rose-shaped pale pink blossoms. It's a regal and fragrant addition that truly stands out.

**7. Peony 'Pecher'**: This variety is a spectacle of soft pink to white petals, with red flares at the center. 'Pecher' is a stunning double-flowered peony that transitions gently in hues.

**8. Peony 'The Fawn'**: Unique for its speckled petals, 'The Fawn' is reminiscent of its namesake. Its delicate pink petals make it a charming and distinct selection.

Our collection, carefully sourced from European suppliers for over 15 years, includes 3-5 eye or larger bare root plants. Each peony is meticulously inspected upon arrival and hand-wrapped for shipping, ensuring top-notch quality. For 2024, I've personally designed and hand-painted each box, inspired by the daily creativity I witness in our gardens. Priced at $240, including shipping across the continental United States, each box is accompanied by comprehensive planting instructions.

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to Canada at this time. Place your orders now to bring a piece of Natchez Glen's elegance to your garden. Our peonies will ship in late October 2024, promising a blooming season filled with beauty and splendor.

Discover the magic of gardening with Natchez Glen's 2024 Peony Collection – a testament to our dedication to quality, beauty, and the art of horticulture.

Substitution Policy:

Our Commitment to Quality: Understanding Peony Substitutions at Natchez Glen House

At Natchez Glen House, we pride ourselves on offering only the best quality peonies to our customers. When you choose to order peonies from us, you're not just selecting a variety; you're investing in the unmatched beauty and health that only top-quality roots can provide.

Why Substitutions Might Occur: Nature's unpredictability means that some peony varieties may not always meet our stringent standards in a given season. Factors like climate, soil conditions, and other environmental variables can affect the quality of a peony's root system.

Our Approach to Substitutions: In cases where a specific variety does not live up to our expectations, we adopt a thoughtful substitution process - what we call a "custom upgrade". This means that if your chosen variety, such as 'Coral Charm', isn't at its best, we'll replace it with a substitute that guarantees the high root quality we stand for.

Why Root Quality Matters: The secret to a flourishing peony lies beneath the soil. Strong, healthy roots are essential for vibrant, long-lasting blooms. By focusing on root quality, we ensure that your garden will be graced with peonies that are not only beautiful but also resilient and long-lasting.

Transparency and Communication: If a substitution is necessary, we'll inform you through a "custom upgrade" label in your order. This label is our assurance that you're receiving a plant that meets our high standards, even if it's a different variety from what you initially chose.

Our Promise: While we strive to fulfill every order as requested, our commitment to quality means prioritizing the health and vigor of the plants we provide. We believe that starting with the best plants is the key to creating the breathtaking peony displays that gardeners dream of.

At Natchez Glen House, we're dedicated to ensuring that each peony you plant from our collection contributes to a stunning and robust garden, season after season.


We are committed to sustainability and take pride in using recyclable materials for our merch boxes. Over 95% of the materials used are recyclable, so you can feel good about your purchase not only for the beauty it brings to your garden but also for its minimal impact on the environment.

Shipping & Returns

Natchez Glen House carefully hand-selects the most beautiful and artful plants for our merch boxes, each one a unique work of art. We pride ourselves on delivering healthy plants in the best possible condition, sourced from only the highest quality materials. While we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for plants that perish after delivery, we do offer free shipping to ensure that you can enjoy our artful plants no matter where you are. If your plants arrive damaged in shipping, please contact us by email for a replacement.


the box measure 26"x8"x8"

Care Instructions

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  • Free Shipping

    At Natchez Glen House, we take great care to select the most beautiful and artful plants for our merch boxes. We believe that each plant is a work of art in its own right, and we want our customers to have access to the very best. That's why we hand-select each plant that goes into our merch boxes, and we offer free shipping to ensure that you can enjoy the artful beauty of our plants no matter where you are located.

  • Plant Quality

    At Natchez Glen House, we take pride in ensuring that our plants are delivered to you healthy and in the best possible condition. We source only the highest quality plant materials from our trusted suppliers. As living things, plants may require special care and attention to thrive, and unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges if a plant perishes after it has been received by you. However, if your plants arrive damaged due to shipping, we will be happy to provide you with a replacement. In the event that you receive a damaged product, please contact us by email.