Describing Natchez Glen is like describing the flowers we grow, both beautiful and unique. We offer cut flowers that aren't found all in one place anywhere else in the world. Unlike a typical "flower farm," Natchez Glen is an extensive world-class garden featuring thousands of dahlias, hundreds of roses, and thousands of other flowers and plants. 

I'm at the core of the business as Owner and Creative Director. I have worked professionally in visual design and horticulture for the last fifteen years as well as building and running Natchez Glen. My passion for design and plants has combined to allow us to offer incredible flowers and partner with some of the best growers from around the world to source plants.

We offer two ways for you to either buy flowers from Natchez Glen or visit. We sell cut flowers both retail and wholesale that can be delivered, picked up, or sourced at one of our partnering businesses. You can also visit Natchez Glen and leave with flowers as well. We offer reservations during dahlia season. We also offer photography sessions.

Above all,Natchez Glen is about incredible plants, flowers, and gardening.