Growing and Caring for Stachys 'Hummelo'

Growing and Caring for Stachys 'Hummelo'

Welcome to "The Artful Garden" at Natchez Glen House. Today, we are excited to share our practical guide on how to grow and care for Stachys 'Hummelo' in your garden.

Stachys 'Hummelo' is a beautiful and versatile plant that is easy to care for and adds a unique texture to any garden. With its upright growth habit and stunning purple-pink flowers, it is a great addition to any garden bed or border.

To get started, it's important to choose the right soil for your Stachys 'Hummelo'. This plant prefers well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. We recommend adding compost or aged manure to your soil before planting to help retain moisture and nutrients.

When planting your Stachys 'Hummelo', make sure to space them about 12-18 inches apart to allow for proper growth and airflow. Water your new plants deeply and regularly for the first few weeks to help them establish a healthy root system.

As your Stachys 'Hummelo' grows, it will appreciate regular watering, especially during hot, dry spells. We recommend watering deeply once a week or more often in extremely dry conditions.

To keep your Stachys 'Hummelo' looking its best, it's important to fertilize regularly. We recommend using an organic, all-purpose fertilizer in early spring and again in late summer. This will provide your plant with the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy.

If you're looking to propagate your Stachys 'Hummelo', it's easy to do so by division. Simply dig up the plant in early spring or fall and separate the clumps into smaller sections. Replant the smaller sections in well-draining soil and water deeply to help them establish.

In conclusion, Stachys 'Hummelo' is a beautiful and versatile plant that is easy to grow and care for in your garden. With a little bit of love and attention, your Stachys 'Hummelo' will thrive and provide you with beautiful blooms year after year.

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