Peony Garden Recipe

Peony Garden Recipe

Do you have a yard? If so, you could have a peony garden. In the fall of 2022, my friend Mallory and I, who had always dreamed of creating a peony garden together, finally had the chance. What did we need? Just her yard. That’s it. A shovel, a Natchez Glen House peony box, and a bit of time are all you need. That’s all. The ingredients for a peony garden are simple: a yard, a shovel, and some peonies.

In my twenty years of professional gardening, I’ve noticed that discussions about new gardens or plants tend to become overcomplicated. Yet, we all see that plants grow best when simply planted in the ground. Gardens are merely designated spaces for our chosen plants, and peony gardens are no exception. If you have a yard with eight hours of sunlight, you can create a peony garden, especially with one of our peony garden boxes. That’s how straightforward it is. Working with Mallory to create her garden was immensely enjoyable and a prime example of how to create a beautiful space with beautiful peonies. Gardens are made by the plants and the soil they grow in, not by the decorative elements like edging, pavers, or stones. Simplicity, accessibility, and affordability are key. For $240, a shovel, and a yard, you can have a peony garden. That’s the genuine essence of gardening. Gardening has always been about great plants, and peonies are indeed great plants.

Throughout this blog, I’ve provided incredible information about soil care. If you concentrate on that peony garden in your space with the right soil, you’ll achieve our common goal: walking out one spring morning to find your peonies, now three or four years old, flourishing with blooms. That beautiful morning will come because you had a yard, a shovel, and a peony garden box.
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