Garden Design Services at Natchez Glen House

Every individual carries within them a dream garden. Perhaps it’s a serene peony meadow where delicate blooms sway gently with the breeze, evoking memories of bygone days. Or it might be a wildflower prairie, a testament to nature’s untamed beauty, bursting with colors and life. Some might envision rows upon rows of vibrant blossoms in a cut flower garden, ready to be gathered into bouquets that light up homes and hearts. What’s your dream?

Growing up amidst the ebbs and flows of life in Tampa, Florida, I, Steve, often sought solace in nature. The cultural tapestry of my upbringing introduced me to a mosaic of tastes and traditions. Esteemed figures like Anthony Bourdain and James Patterson deepened my appreciation for food as a bridge to diverse cultures and histories.

As I delved deeper into the world of gardening, the intricate stories plants told were astonishing. Imagine, every potato holds tales of ancient Peru, and each flower variety can narrate chapters from different corners of the world. Inspired by legends like Christopher Lloyd of Great Dixter, my mission became clear: to craft landscapes that told stories, celebrated heritage, and tantalized the senses.

With 17 years weaving through horticulture’s heart – from directing a 250-acre wholesale nursery to pioneering a leading dahlia flower farm in the South – my experiences have painted a rich canvas of insights and inspirations. Every step, whether it’s broadcasting sports or hosting gardening podcasts, has enriched my perspective on gardens and their transformative power.

Now, with the backdrop of the 2.5-acre world-class garden at Natchez Glen House, I’m eager to share garden design services that fuse creativity and nature’s magnificence. We’re passionate about reimagining spaces that not only look enchanting but resonate with your stories, dreams, and the vibrant tapestry of global gardening traditions.

So, what does your dream garden look like? Whether you’re envisioning a tranquil retreat, a buzzing haven for pollinators, or a space that mirrors the wild beauty of nature, together we can bring that dream to life. After all, gardening isn’t merely about planting; it’s about evoking emotions, crafting memories, and building sanctuaries.

Let’s co-create a space that reflects not just nature’s beauty but also the depths of your aspirations and the richness of your imagination. Here’s to turning dream gardens into reality. Join me, and let’s cultivate dreams at Natchez Glen House. 

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